Sero automates the management of wealth transactions making it easy and risk free for all participants. Sero makes this possible by: 

  • Reducing compliance, governance, operational and administration costs across the market using straight through processing (STP) digital protocols
  • Allowing individual organisations to work with their bank and business advisory consultants to migrate away from internal silo legacy systems and move into the digital space
  • Making the ‘bank’ key as it is the only central transaction participant in the wider financial services sector transaction cycle - without money the system would not operate
  • Using real bank accounts and not touching the money - clearing and settlement of funds is agreed between the dealer, products nominated bank and nominated custodian 
  • Making the confirmation and change of beneficial ownership of financial product an agreement between the dealer, products, nominated custodian and products nominated registrar.

Sero was designed to help market participants re-engineer their own internal workflow processes to best fit their individual organisation’s strategic differentiation in the market. Sero will change how the market operates. It is not a revolution, rather an evolutionary step to a new standard. 

Sero offers banks the opportunity to create new revenue opportunities. While market participants understand the issue facing the market, they do not understand how to fix it. Nor do they understand how to migrate to a new digital standard. 

By working with management consulting groups with wealth expertise, banks and their clients will have the advisory expertise to guide them through the migration change and understand how that will happen and what benefits they will access.

Sero is an evolutionary step to innovation

What are the Sero benefits for banks and their clients?

Learn how Sero can help your organisation create new revenue opportunities.

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