Sero is a Gateway to Banking Innovation

Sero is based on existing proven processes and infrastructure already operating in the market. The banks have the relationships with all of the market, especially in the superannuation space. 

Banks are one of the critical service providers supporting product manufacturing along with custodians, registrars and trustees, and other agencies.

Banks understand the needs of their own clients, especially corporate employer who is the gateway for a lot of the superannuation products. 

Sero offers banks the opportunity to create new revenue opportunities. While market participants understand the issue facing the market, they do not understand how to fix it. Nor do they understand how to migrate to a new digital standard. 

By working with management consulting groups with wealth expertise, banks and their clients will have the advisory expertise to guide them through the migration change and understand how that will happen and what benefits they will access.

Following are jus some of the benefits Sero offers banks and their clients.

Sero Benefits for Banks 

  • Increased treasury services
  • Increased transactional banking

  • International fund manager services
  • Fund manager to fund manager trading
  • New digital employer superannuation or pension solutions
  • Reduced compliance and administration costs and reporting
  •  Digital country specific compliance reporting
  • Employer virtual banking opportunity
  • New trust account services
  • New custody bank services
  • Central customer registry
  • Central product registry
  • Increased cash management trusts
  • Electronic trustee transactional revenue
  • Treasury services for superannuation clients
  • New transactional revenue from IRD transactions
  • Create new ecosystems to bring new services to clients
  • New transactional revenue from regular transactions

To learn more about how Sero can help your organisation innovate the management of your wealth products, watch the following video or contact us for more information. 

The Trusted Transaction