Sero is a technology ecosystem that allows organisations to digitally transact with each other, in a trusted and regulated environment, in real-time.

Sero operates exclusively via banks participating in a network of interlinked companies, working together to deliver value propositions to meet customers’ core needs.

Sero offers clients seamless connectivity, data driven intelligence, operational effectiveness, and access to financial insight and risk control via transparent regulator cleared real-time transactions.

Sero - Straight-through Electronic Real-time Operation 

Sero was created as a digital transaction utility to manage unlisted securities including banking products, superannuation, pension schemes, insurance and health products.

Sero’s technology uses the same current technology standards operating in the securities market today. Sero has expanded those security standards by creating a pre-trade check that includes:

  • A unique global investment number
  • A country specific market compliance rules engine that is managed by regulators
  • Moving beneficial ownership of products when the transaction is settled
  • A confirmation of the transaction sent to all transaction related parties.